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DIN ISO 7168-1:1999-12

Title (English): Air quality - Exchange of data - Part 1: General data format (ISO 7168-1:1999)

DIN 6935 :2011-10

Title (English): Cold bending of flat rolled steel - Supplement 1: Factors determining the correction value υ for calculating length of flats prior to bending

DIN EN 25817:1992-09

Title (English): Arc-welded joints in steel; guidance on quality levels for imperfections (ISO 5817:1992); German version EN 25817:1992

DIN EN 29692:1994-04

Title (English): Metal-arc welding with covered electrode, gas-shielded metal-arc welding and gas welding; joint preparations for steel (ISO 9692:1992); German version EN 29692:1994

DIN EN ISO 9013:2003-07

Title (English): Thermal cutting - Classification of thermal cuts - Geometrical product specification and quality tolerances (ISO 9013:2002); German version EN ISO 9013:2002

DIN EN ISO 13920:1996-11

Title (English): Welding - General tolerances for welded constructions - Dimensions for lengths and angles; shape and position (ISO 13920:1996); German version EN ISO 13920:1996